Newspaper/Magazine Articles

In this section you can read some newspaper or magazine articles written about Denny Laine.

Paul McCartney forms new group (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Wednesday, November 10, 1971)

Beatle Paul sprouts “Wings” (The Sydney Morning Herald, November 14, 1971)

Cosmic Rockers: One generation removed, The Moody Blues linger on (It has a few quotes by Denny on the reasons why he left the Moodies and the frustration when they did exactly what he wanted to do. St. Petersburg Independent, Saturday, June 2, 1979)

A three-quarter reunion (The Tuscaloosa News, Friday, June 15, 1979)

Pop star Denny in court after lending car to rock manager (The Gazette, February 22, 1980)

Drummer quits McCartney’s band (this article erroneously calls Denny a drummer. The Kingman Daily Miner, Wednesday, April 29, 1981)

Ex-Beatles join to cut new disc (a small note about Harrison’s All Those Years Ago and Laine’s departure from Wings. The Montreal Gazette, Thursday, April 30, 1981)

Denny Laine searches for a solo carreer (Lawrence Journal World, Sunday, February 4, 1990)

Denny Laine and others honor George Harrison (The Argus Press,  Owosso, Michigan, Sunday, December 2, 2001)



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