A collection of links related to Denny’s life and career


Original version of Go Now, sang by Bessie Banks

Holly Days, 1977 (full album on YouTube)

Hometown Girls, 1985 (full album on YouTube)

Too Much in Love (1968)

Catherine’s Wheel (Electric String Band, 1967)

Fight for my Country (Balls single, A-side)

Hound Dog Howling (Balls single, B-side)

Man of Constant Sorrow (song recorded with Ginger Baker’s Airforce, 1970)

The song of Elton Haven Brown (from Ahh Laine! album, 1973)

Getting Closer (wings tune) sang by Denny Laine (Back to the Egg Rehearsals, 1979)

Snippets from the new Denny Laine album Valley of Dreams


Denny Laine singing Go Now over the years (from 1964 to 2015)

Wings Greatest promotional video (1978)


The story of Denny Laine’s Electric String Band month by month (very nice job!)


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